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We invite you to reach out to us if you need help with the following:
Captive Care:
- Researching the legality of prairie dogs in your country or state.

- Finding a licensed exotic veterinarian to treat your prairie dog(s).

- Help with captive prairie dog nutrition, habitat, husbandry, health, behavioral concerns and questions that respect your individual prairie dog's needs and history.

- Carefully-screened and matched rehoming or adoption placement assistance with integration and transition support.

- Looking for strategies to prairie dog-proof your home.


Wild Care:

- Wild translocation/relocation assistance.

- Found an abandoned prairie dog in distress.

- Have nuisance prairie dogs on your property and are seeking humane and effective removal services.

- Need assistance in the legal movement of prairie dogs from country-to-country, or interstate movement.


Response time:

Emergencies receive a response within 24 hours. *Please be sure to provide a contact number for emergency situations in your message.

Non-emergencies will receive a response within 72 hours.

Please contact us with your prairie dog questions.
Please contact us with your prairie dog questions.
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