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Captive Prairie Dog Adoptions

Read more below about those in need of forever homes!

As this page is created, prairie dogs are being displaced from their wild habitat due to never-ending land development and our continually growing impact on our vanishing prairie ecosystem. Those displaced face uncertain outcomes, some are entirely destroyed, some are fortunate to be humanely relocated to be forever free, and then others find themselves with a different future. A future as an exotic pet. However, those that are in captive settings sometimes find themselves in situations beyond a caretaker's control that they may be placed up for adoption.

Please consider a well-screened and well-managed rescue/rehome situation to add to your prairie dog clan as an alternative to purchasing pups to help those in need.

Many rescues are looking for their final forever homes. However, it is very important to be extremely careful with this species particularly via Craigslist and other venues, including social media, as many placements not carefully screened and managed throughout the placement and integration process end up bouncing around to several homes unnecessarily and at the animal’s expense instead of finding their optimal long-term success story we ALL want them to achieve by taking part in the careful due diligence not only of the prairie dog in need of a home, but all characteristics of the potential new home that can significantly impact their long term success, lifespan, and behavioral outcomes along with the happiness and suitability for all in the home it is joining.


It is always 100% about getting the placement right for all the prairie dogs in question. This is not limited to the prairie dog(s) needing adoption assistance but also includes the established prairie dogs in the newly proposed home, other species of animals living there, and all the people residing in the home. IT IS IMPORTANT to recognize that some prairie dogs may be better matched to some homes MORE than others, and while one prairie dog may not be a good fit or match for one home, it may be perfect in another setting with careful screening, transition, and integration plans in place to ensure that you take the time to get it right before moving them in the first place.


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND *FREE* professional assistance when taking a prairie dog into your home *BEFORE* you take the leap, be it as a new prairie dog owner or someone with prior experience with one or more that could be extremely different than the prairie dogs being considered currently. Receiving free professional support where you can benefit from 27+ years of doctoral work specializing in the species, coupled with the experience of assisting 60,000+ prairie dogs in captive settings, helps ensure a smooth outcome for EVERYONE concerned to make the placement a one-and-done situation instead of taking the animal in just because we can and then seeing it isn't a good fit and bouncing it to yet another home at its expense. No one wants that.


We want to do what's right for this animal as it has no voice, and sometimes doing what's right takes time. And while it may take time to find a best-fit adoption placement, we can trust that it is a win for all concerned once that match is found. We strongly recommend looking into a well-screened adoption as there are incredible prairie dogs out there if you're looking to rescue. However, because of the uniqueness of each individual soul of this colony-based, working animal, this means that adopting or even purchasing your first prairie dog can be a very bumpy and problematic experience where getting a bit of *FREE* guidance through a couple of quick phone calls can make all the difference to your ultimate success with the species. Taking that bit of assistance can result in a trouble-free experience that helps them flourish, and if you put in the work, you'll enjoy excellent outcomes and long lives with this unique animal.


Receiving professional and safe guidance regarding dietary changes or shifts in nutritional protocols during a rehome is critical. For that reason alone, it is a good reason to help partner for free for their success because the last thing they need is to change diets when going through the stress of changing homes. Dietary migrations and changes can be very challenging with this species, and how you change items and what order and quantity can cause a host of problems if an entire history is unknown. A stepped-out plan can make a world of difference to ensure a smooth outcome long-term.


If you’re interested in any of the placements on this website or in getting help with a placement you've discovered elsewhere that you’re considering and want to ensure you have all bases covered for a smooth transition, please contact Gena Seaberg directly at 425-870-1729 or by email at for assistance.

Current Adoption Openings - Will you be our loving home?
Please read carefully.

All inquiries about adoption opportunities presented here need to be made DIRECTLY to Gena Seaberg by email at or by phone at 425-870.1729. All interested parties will receive a response within 72 hours on a first-come, first-served basis unless other emergency cases cause a delay. Out of respect for each prairie dog, and all interested parties, adoptions will not take place unless they have each been thoroughly screened by phone and will not be completed through a text message alone. All prairie dogs listed are in need of a knowledgeable, loving, and committed forever home. They will NOT be placed into homes with the intention to breed or homes with outdoor enclosures due to the potential for health issues that can occur due to potential parasite exposure coupled with skin and fungal problems that arise from overly humid, wet, or cold climates that are not the same as their native habitat. Each placement listed needs someone with the time, commitment, knowledge, and patience to provide the long-term care and attention they deserve. Integration assistance will be provided to assure a smooth transition if joining other prairie dogs. It is our top priority that each of these precious prairie dogs finds an ideal fit for a final forever home.

Near Orlando, Florida. A NEUTERED male prairie dog with DENTAL SPECIAL NEEDS (NOT ODONTOMA CURRENTLY - OTHERWISE HEALTHY), born in 2020, needs a knowledgeable, loving, and committed forever home.​

Near Monroe, Ohio. A NEUTERED male prairie dog, born around 2022, needs a knowledgeable, loving, and committed forever home.​

Near Grand Haven, Michigan. TWO INTACT male prairie dogs, born around 2018, need a knowledgeable, loving, and committed forever home.​

Near Houston, Texas. Two female, and one male INTACT prairie dogs, born around 2020, need a knowledgeable, loving, and committed forever home.​

Near Waco, Texas. ONE INTACT male prairie dog, born in 2023, needs a knowledgeable, loving, and committed forever home.​