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Prairie Dog Proofing


                Prairie Dog Proofing Ideas by Gena Seaberg, PhD 

© 2012 All Rights Reserved 


Below are recommendations to keep your prairie dog(s) safe in a captive setting. It is strongly encouraged that you take time in advance to prepare each room of your home where you intend to allow your prairie dog to explore to make it safe for your pet. To do this, it is recommended that you crawl around the room, observing the room from the perspective of the prairie dog and not from your own height as you will miss many safety points if your don’t get to their level. Please let us know if you have other recommendations and we’ll surely add them.




Corner Guards, help keep your walls from being damaged.

Kicker plates 
**Note** placement of the kicker plate closer to the


bottom edge of the door is more helpful in 

preventing damage by gnawing.



Another kicker plate option
**See note above about placement
at the bottom edge of the door.


Cord wrap option that is more permanent along baseboards

To prevent electrical burns or electrocution


Another cord wrap option that can sit on your floor




Some wire covers can mount to the wall 
and be painted the colors of your walls, these


are most often used on flat screen televisions.





Some people use plain PVC pipe as cord/wire wrap which

is a less expensive option overall.


It is also helpful to use in wider diameter PVC when modifying

cage ramps. Note that if you are using it in a cage that 

over time it can be permeated with urine and may


need to be replaced for health and safety purposes.
See caging/enclosure information for more details.







Typically, tile wainscoting is used in bathrooms, but you
can design beautiful patterns in other areas of your home
that keep chewing on your walls to a minimum. 


Different and larger tile styles can be used or even

metal ceiling tiles like the one below.





Plastic office chair mats can be cut and modified to seal up the 
underside of your couch to keep them from climbing inside by using
some screws and a screw gun or an industrial style staple gun. They
can also be used to prevent your prairie dog from digging carpet 
by placing sections under your furniture when they get under something


and are out of arm’s reach digging.



Some people have great success using a playpen

that sits on top of sections of office mats as shown above to

prevent carpet digging and chewing. Note that 


You’ll want a playpen that is at least36+ inches high to prevent
them from easily jumping out. You also want to make
sure the bars are such that they can’t climb out.

 Some people create fantastic playpens or reinforce metal ones using 



Plexiglass. It is also great to help prevent cage bar chewing IF USED

CORRECTLY to assure for adequate ventilation to prevent humidity and 

mold which is deadly to a prairie dog.


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