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American Pet Diner

P.O. Box 66

Filer, Idaho 83328



In addition to carrying one of our two recommended  healthy timothy hay based pellets for prairie dogs, Prairie Dog Natural, American Pet Diner carries great hay and can provide faster and cheaper shipments than Oxbow to those living on the west coast since it is coming from Idaho instead of Nebraska. If on the east coast, Oxbow is your better choice to save on shipping costs and time. I often rotate between Oxbow and American Pet Diner for my hay orders as quality can vary depending on growing season. Oxbow's is best early spring while American Pet Diner's is fresher later in the summer when Oxbow's season starts to wane. They provide Timothy Gold Hay which is second cut timothy that is mostly leafy and a high-green color, while their Timothy High Fiber Hay is a first cut timothy that contains very coarse stems and lots of seed heads and is mid-green in color In addition to high quality timothy hay, they provide Mountain Grass Hay which is orchard grass hay. Prairie Dog Natural is one of the most healthful pellet options for prairie dogs currently on the market and we highly recommend it!From their site, I would also recommend Timbo Smaks and Mountain Grass Smaks as a treat. On rare special occasions, such as holidays, maybe 3-4 times per year, you could provide the Carrot Cake or Pumpkin Pie Cookie. They also have a fun Timmy Tunnel, Chew-A-Toy, and Hay Cube Box (you could always make your own) that I would highly recommend as an enrichment activity. In answer to Oxbow's Critical Care, American Pet Diner has developed a comparable product called Critter Be Better that is getting favorable reviews from some owners.





Exotic Nutrition Pet Company
737 Industrial Park Drive
Newport News, Virginia 23608



Exotic Nutrition primarily deals with Sugar Gliders and is more specialized with their diet. They also carry a prairie dog diet which we DO NOT RECOMMEND NUTRITIONALLY FOR SHORT TERM OR LONG TERM USE. Oxbow Essentials – Adult Rabbit (Young Rabbit for pups or pregnant/lactating females)  or American Pet Diner Prairie Dog Natural are the two most healthy options for use if longevity is your priority with this animal. Exotic Nutrition's protein content is too high in the adult diet and the feeding instructions would harm a prairie dog if they stayed on this diet long term. They made adjustments to their pup diet because the protein content was through the roof, causing some babies problems. Again, their recommended daily intake is too high. They carry treats on their website, claimed to be for prairie dogs, which WE DO NOT recommend because they are not natural to what they would find in their diet in the wild since there isn't an abundance of fruit on the prairie that is not eaten by competing species higher in the food chain and certainly not in an amount that they would routinely encounter. I also DO NOT recommend the Prairie Dog Booster when compared to Oxbow's Critical Care or American Pet Diner's Critter Be Better formula. Prairie dogs do NOT need a typical "multivitamin" and Critical Care or any other booster should only be used as needed for convalescence or geriatrics under veterinary care or consultation. All wooden or plastic items on their site should be avoided because you do NOT want your prairie dog to accidentally ingest wood or plastic when they are "working". They do offer Bene-Bac which is a helpful probiotic when you need to add valued micro-flora back to their system. They also supply feeding syringes and heating pads, but both can usually be obtained from local drug stores and veterinary offices. They carry Carefresh litter, too, although you can often find it at local pet stores and save in shipping. I also like the harness and leash they have available for those prairie dogs that actually enjoy going outside and don't feel they are being fed to outside predators. I personally would not purchase the grassy hut they sell without knowing what type of grass it is made from and what materials were used in the construction of the frame that might be hazards if ingested.



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